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How to bet on basketball and earn on it

Betting on the basketball can bring bettors serious winnings. This particular sport is one of the most dynamic and spectacular. It is not surprising that many bettors prefer to bet exactly on basketball. Especially popular are live bets, since it is in basketball the outcome of the match can quickly change, which allows careful players to earn a lot of money on these races. So how should you bet on basketball to make money? Below we look at some interesting strategies.

Basketball, in contrast to soccer and hockey, suits riskier players, especially those who like to bet in live mode. Judge for yourself: the score in a basketball game is big, and during the meeting, the clear favorite may lose by 10-20 points, and then can come forward again. Pre-match basketball betting is more suitable for those who follow basketball competitions long and closely. There you can find valuables bets, that is, those that the bookmaker, in your opinion, underestimated.

In basketball betting, the market for outcomes is usually less popular than the market for totals. The total number of goals in two parallel games can vary significantly. Some teams score 110-120 points each, while others very rarely jump over a hundred. A mathematical analysis of the teams' results allows you to guess how many basketball players will be able to score in the next game.

Most often bettors specializing in basketball betting prefer the strongest league - the NBA. Most strategies are suitable for betting in live mode, but it is worth taking into account the difference in time zones. Games in the U.S. are played in the evening, which means that for the European part of Russia, it's deep into the night.

One of the most popular strategies in basketball games is to bet on a favorite's win in one of the quarters. Matches, where one team is stronger than the other, will be suitable for this option. In this case, the odds of winning in a particular quarter will be about 1.5. If suddenly a sensation happens, and the favorite loses the first quarter, it is necessary to increase the size of the bet and bet on a similar outcome in the second. It is extremely rare for the favorites of the match to lose all four quarters. To increase the odds a little, you can bet on the favorite's win with small handicaps from -1.5 to -3.5 points. But it is worth remembering that, like any bet on the "catch-up", it requires a cold calculation, patience, and a considerable bank.

Betting on basketball, you need to know the peculiarities of the sport. Beginners often lose by betting on favorites with a huge minus handicap. Yes, the team can confidently win, but the gap in the score will not be as huge as expected before the meeting. Therefore, we recommend paying attention to bets on the underdogs' plus handicap. Bookmakers offer to bet on the victory of the weaker team with a handicap of +12,5 or even +20,5 points? This is a great way to make money. The fact is that the winning team can relax at the end of the meeting. Unlike soccer, the goal difference in basketball is almost irrelevant. Whether you win by a +2 or +20 margin makes no difference. Often the coach of the winning team releases young players for the fourth quarter, thus giving the leaders a rest. So it is worth looking carefully at these types of bets on outsiders with a handicap.

Most basketball betting strategies involve totals or handicaps. This means that before you make your bet, you need to carefully analyze the statistics of the playing teams and players, as well as understand the tournament motivation. Neglecting such knowledge can cost you money to lose.

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